ISO Certification

ISO Certification

ISO 9001

Product quality with minimal variance is the meaning behind ISO 9001 registration. Manistique Papers received ISO 9001 registration in May 1998. The culmination of a two-year initiative, ISO 9001 was awarded by the Quality Management Institute, and recognizes Manistique Papers’ commitment to quality, product consistency and cost reduction for customers:

  • ISO 9001 provides Manistique Papers’ customers with the documentation required to respond to their own customers’ demands for quantified quality measures.
  • ISO 9001 can often eliminate the time and expense of a second-party audit, allowing Manistique Papers to serve as a preapproved supply source.

ISO 14001

On March 16, 2001, the Quality Management Institute awarded Manistique Papers, Inc. with ISO 14001 certification. Upon certification, our company shared this honor with only 12 other paper mills in North America.

The ISO 14000 series addresses environmental management systems, environmental auditing, environmental labeling, an environmental performance evaluation and a life-cycle assessment. With environmental awareness as an inherent value in the Manistique Papers mill, it only seemed the next logical step was for us to get the ISO 14001 certification.

This certification furthers our company’s progress toward our goal of customer quality through environmental responsibility. The standards of ISO 14001 are respected on an international level, and although voluntary at present, we believe these standards will be established as the common, worldwide approach to a management system that protects the environment.

Manistique Papers’ commitment to 100% recycled paper goes hand-in-hand with the intent of ISO 14001, now bringing certification to many of the practices already followed.